Community Connects

Chef MIA Works has been an active participant in many shapes and forms in the Greater Columbus and surrounding areas. The donation of time, resources, food products, silent auctions and expertise truly highlights Chef LaTisha “ MIA” Cottman commitment to help her city be a better community.

With the understanding that together people can make an impact, she has made a declaration to help those in need, As she was once that person in College. Every little bit helps.

Chef MIA Works Catering has contributed to:

  • GRIN ( Gahanna Residents In Need)
  • Columbus Academy School
  • Gahanna School ( Royal Manor Veggie You Week)
    3rd Grade
  • North Market
  • Gahanna YWCA (12th Grade Show Case)
  • Southern Baptist Church Convection
  • Avalon Food Services
  • United Faith Church
  • Mifflin High School (Show Case)

Causes & Organization

  • OlDE – Gahanna Community Partnership
  • Columbus Young Professionals Group
  • Columbus Culinary Institute
  • The Ohio State Dinner For Draft Pick
  • Bradford School Food Competitions